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For 25 years I struggled with digestive issues ranging from extreme bloating, abdominal distension, abdominal pain, cramps, gas, nausea and inappetence. I saw the top doctors in New York City; none of whom were able to help me. Finally, I found Kristy Regan. In one week she reduced the bloating by over 50%, increased my energy 100%, completely eliminated cramps and got me sleeping deeply and comfortably through the night. What did she do? She listened to me. She respected what I told her. And she used her vast knowledge to help me creatively define an individualized plan specific to my body and my needs. Whether you have digestive issues or not Kristy Regan is a gift to anyone wanting to learn how to use food to support the health of a body. Kristy’s kindness, compassion and willingness to explore ideas bring pleasure and organization to an often confusing and overwhelming subject. Do yourself a favor: Stop reading this testimonial and make an appointment!
Michele Rosenthal

Author, Speaker, Post-Trauma Coach, CPC, NLP, CHt

I have been doing pretty well with adding new foods, and I’m even experimenting with garlic! Thanks so much for everything! Your support has been a huge part of my healing process.


Eating for SIBO can seem incredibly daunting and disheartening but you’d never know that when working with Kristy! I was lucky enough to find Kristy at a time in my health journey when I was totally overwhelmed by all the different (and at times contradictory!) SIBO diets being touted by various online gut health authorities. Kristy is incredibly kind, knowledgeable, competent, and creative.  Right off the bat she assuaged many of my food related anxieties and perhaps more miraculously, instilled in me a sense of joy and hope. She helped deconstruct my preconceived notions of “good” “bad” and “safe” foods for those dealing with bacterial overgrowth, guided me to setting my sights on variety and long term gut health, and eased my fear of reintroduction with a systematic and scientific approach. What I appreciated most is her gentle support and constant assurance that food is not the enemy, and that is can be just as wonderful, delicious, and fun as it was prior to dietary restrictions. With her arsenal of INCREDIBLE recipes my body finally feels nourished and full of vitality. Seriously- this woman’s recipes are divine! I have shared them with family and friends and have received nothing but rave reviews. My father, who is a staunch sugar and carbs guy, declared her chicken wings “better than Pok Pok” (high praise for a Portlander!) and I practically had to fight him over the egg custard!

I guarantee that in this process of working with Kristy you’ll feel listened to and understood, accumulate an amazing repertoire of dishes to impress guests with, and find peace of mind about food in general. Thank you Kristy! Your time and insight have proven invaluable.


I am so appreciative of all the research you did for me and for all of your detailed advice. It was a complete pleasure for me to speak to you today. When I got off the phone with you, I had a great sense of relief. I have done so much research myself, that it is rare for me to talk to anyone who has more experience and knowledge in the area of food regarding my issues. And as a consequence, it has been a lonely journey of me bumbling my way through it. It is very healing for me to feel I finally have someone with wisdom to accompany me on this journey.

When all seemed lost and most food made me fell icky – Kristy to the rescue. She totally understood my situation and not only had excellent information but her compassion instantly put me at ease. I’m happy to report I am SIBO free and it is directly attributable to the protocol and diet guidance that Kristy artfully provided. She is down to earth and really gets it. She was one of the most important missing pieces in my SIBO puzzle. I just wish I had worked with her sooner.

Kristy has guided me through an uncertain and difficult time in my SIBO journey. She has been the most helpful practitioner I have seen during my illness. I was at a point when I could hardly digest anything and I had no idea how to proceed. Kristy’s support, encouragement and expertise were exactly what I needed. She has helped me begin eating a much wider range of foods and has helped me learn how to observe my symptoms while minimizing the panic and worry that often come with digestive distress. I am continually impressed by her knowledge not just about nutrition, but also the emotional component of walking through a difficult season in health. She offers guidance based on research and science along with practical suggestions for daily food preparation and cooking. Her humor, humility and warmth make her personable and relatable. Her wealth of knowledge and ability to provide individualized coaching with practical steps makes her invaluable. Every appointment with Kristy is a gift!

Kristy shared with me a wealth of knowledge that would have taken me years to research. It was through these conversations that I became empowered to make better choices.  Kristy took me one step at a time making sure I was informed and comfortable with the choices I was making. She genuinely cares that everyone live a healthy and informed life.

Kristy is a wise, compassionate, and insightful ’embodied listener.’ In our sessions I become clearer about whatever question or challenge I am wrestling and have the wherewithal to move forward with it.
– Mary V. Gelinas, Ed.D.

Managing Director of Gelinas James, Inc. and Co-Director of the Cascadia Center for Leadership

 My husband and I walked away from last week’s appointment feeling positive, encouraged, and well-informed about the SCD diet.  I was concerned that we were too intense, yet you seemed to take it in stride.  Thank you for patiently answering our questions and educating us!