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Group Classes


Cooking Classes with Vital Foods Therapeutics Kristy ReganIndividual Cooking Class: This one to two hour class is customized to your specific learning needs and diet. The class will be held in your home and will include recipes and all the food we make during class. We can focus on everyday basics, specific recipes or a multi-course dinner you want to perfect for others.

$150 per hour + grocery cost.


Group Cooking Classes: Cooking classes are $150 for the first person and $50 more per person, per hour, up to six people. Classes are typically held in your home, last two hours, include education, handouts, recipes and food to go or eaten as a group.

Classes topics include:

  • Eating the Rainbow
  • Label Reading 101
  • Balancing Fat, Fiber and Protein in Each Meal
  • Meal Planning on a Budget
  • Healthy Snacks To-Go
  • Quick & Healthy Appetizers
  • Moving to a Gluten Free/Dairy Free Diet
  • Easy & Delicious Paleo
  • Hosting a Dinner Party
  • IBS/SIBO Friendly Foods
  • Grain Free Desserts
  • Mindful Eating
  • Healthy Holiday Treats
  • Cooking for Diabetes
  • A customized class of your choice

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