We all have our stories and our issues, big and small. When you have a chronic illness, sometimes it’s hard to stay present in the midst of what feels like an ongoing state of crisis. During my journey with SIBO, one of my wonderful teachers, Russell Delman, told me, “It’s not healing that leads to wholeness, it’s feeling whole that leads to healing.” This greatly resonated with me because, at the time, I was impatient to heal and feel whole again. What he said reminded me that we can feel whole all the time. There are many ways we can contribute to our feelings of wholeness including keeping a gratitude journal, meditating and coming back to presence during our busy days. Here are three steps (also from the Embodied Life teachings) to coming back to presence during our day. You can do it almost anywhere and it only takes a couple minutes. Feel free to close your eyes or keep them open with a soft gaze.

  1. GROUND. Feel you feet on the ground and your bottom on the chair (if you’re seated). Notice your connection to the earth and the support you feel. If your mind is racing, focus on the physical sensation of your feet. Is your weight on one side of your foot versus the other? Are your toes relaxed? What part of the bottom of your foot isn’t in contact with the ground?
  2. SOUND. After you feel grounded, start listening to the sounds around you. Let them come to you. Appreciate all different sounds, loud or soft, near or far.
  3. THREE BREATHS. Now follow three full breaths. There’s no need to change your breath, just follow along with it. Notice the quality and length.

Are you feeling more present, more whole? It’s quite helpful to do this practice several times throughout your day. I wish you a feeling of wholeness that leads to healing.