Whether you have SIBO or are on a therapeutic diet for another reason, traveling can make things extra challenging. Here are a couple tips to make your trip more enjoyable.


1. Location, Location, Location!
If you’re going on vacation, choose a place that has a kitchen to ensure you have a larger variety of cooking and storing options. With airbnb, this may even be a choice while you’re away for work. If you have to stay in a hotel, ask for a room with a mini refrigerator so you can store snacks or breakfast.

2. Bring Your Own.
When you can, bring your own snacks. Whether you get a doctor’s note for 24 hour yogurt , are bringing your own lunch on the plane or have some homemade gummies for later, do as much prep as you can to insure that you won’t be stuck without food if your travel plans go awry.

3. Shop Local.
Most major and even smaller cities will have healthy food stores that carry organic foods and items with less additives. Check out your destination in advance to see what’s available.

4. Call Ahead.
If you know where you’ll be eating out, call ahead and talk to the chef. Call in the early afternoon so someone will be there but they won’t be in the heat of getting ready for service. Most chefs, especially at nicer establishments, will be helpful if you are very clear about when you’re coming in and your specific needs. It tends to be easiest to order a protein and specific (well cooked) vegetables without sauce, just salt and pepper, with a specific oil/fat as needed. If you can eat salads, most restaurants can also do a simple salad with lemon and olive oil. If you aren’t able to call ahead, just very clearly and specifically order from the waiter. If the waitperson doesn’t seem to understand, it might be helpful to add that you have an allergy or need to make sure your order is accurate so you don’t get sick.

5. Let Go.
Once you’ve done as much planning and prep as possible, do your best to have anxiety free dining when you’re traveling. Many people tend to be able to eat a wider variety of foods while they’re on vacation – probably because they’re feeling less stressed out. So if you decide to try a new food or eat outside your diet – once you’ve made the choice, breath deeply and enjoy yourself.